Grow ARR Faster with

Revenue Intelligence

AI-driven data platform that automatically delivers insight on how to beat the revenue plan

Our Promise

Get answers to the questions that matter

  1. Will we beat our ARR target?
  2. What surprises could cause us to miss?
  3. Where do we invest to grow faster?

Project with accuracy (for this quarter and beyond)

Our ML algorithms use signals across the entire revenue funnel, so you can plan with confidence beyond the current quarter.  Look beyond your known opportunities and simulate scenarios to maximize your growth.

Course correct, in advance

Stay ahead of surprises with AI that detects anomalies in KPIs that have a material effect on revenue.  Make adjustments in time to still hit your number.

Optimize for efficiency and speed

Track the performance of your revenue metrics overtime with our rich catalog of funnel metrics.  Identify bottlenecks and critical sub-segments with our AI-powered automated insights.

Centralize data with a clean, single source of truth

Our unified data platform brings together data from across marketing, sales, product and finance – without needing a team of data engineers.  Empower your business leaders with purpose-built revenue analytics and enable your data scientists + analysts with a cleaned and curated data warehouse of all your SaaS revenue data.

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