Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello Insights

Discover the true growth levers of your business, with the first self-serve analytics platform built for GTM operators.

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Build a Predictable, Profitable, Scalable GTM Machine

Start today with best practice revenue metrics, performance dashboards, and ML-powered insights, inspired by the fastest growing GTM teams. Best of all, everything can be easily configured to fit your unique KPIs and GTM motion.

Full Funnel Analysis & Insights

Optimize your entire funnel by tracking metrics like MQL and SQL volume, stage-to-stage conversion rates, and overall deal velocity.

Sales Forecasting & Pipeline Management

Cross-check your AE roll-up forecast with data-driven projections, and uncover the underlying drivers for any gaps in pipe coverage.

Rep Performance Management

Know how every rep is performing against quota and pipe gen targets, creating best practice playbooks for running deals.

Power Any Type of Analysis

Go beyond Datajoy’s out-of-the-box analytics, connecting your spreadsheets, BI tools, or ML notebooks to a centralized source of metrics.

The Challenge

Answering Critical Revenue Questions Has Become a Complex Data Endeavor...

The explosion of GTM apps and data has turned revenue analytics into a “big data” problem. Instead of focusing on the business, Revenue Operators are now swamped with spreadsheet wrangling and submitting change requests to centralized data teams.

Option 1: Spreadsheet Aggregation
Flow chart 1
Option 2: DIY Analytics Stack
Flow chart 2
The Path Forward

It’s Time to Put GTM Operators in
the Driver’s Seat for Analytics

Build Around Key Metrics,
Not Generic Data

Analytics & BI should be built around business users and the metrics they care about. Not generic raw data.

Code flow
Deliver a Configurable,
App-Like Experience

Get GTM teams up and running quickly, while making it easy to customize for the uniqueness of every business.

Simplify the Complexities of
the Modern Data Stack

Changes to metrics and schema should automatically flow through the data stack, no engineers required.

Introducing Datajoy

The First Metrics-Driven Analytics Platform Built for GTM Teams

Get started in weeks, not months. Our Metrics Platform manages all the complexities of the modern data stack – including ingestion, warehousing, and transformation of raw data to metrics – so you can focus on analysis and insights. Use our analytics apps and Google Sheets connector, or connect to other analytics tools of your choice.

Datajoy Metrics Platform

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