We make it simple for companies to use data to grow revenue

Our Story

It began with two tech veterans

A serial SaaS entrepreneur and a builder of acclaimed analytics tools. Both encountered the same problem again and again: Why is it so hard for SaaS companies to answer basic questions about their full revenue funnel?

Jon Lee

CEO & Founder

Jon started four software companies with a singular north star of helping customers make better data-driven decisions. Jon was CEO/Co-founder of Copper, the leading CRM for over 12,000 businesses that use Google Workplace. Prior to Copper, Jon was GM at Zynga and launched Chefville, the largest game in the world by daily active players in 2012. Jon came to Zynga through its acquisition of DNA Games, the social games optimization software company he co-founded as CEO. Prior to DNA Games, Jon was CEO/Co-founder of Bazaar Advertising, a performance-based search advertising technology platform. In two years, Jon grew Bazaar organically to $47M prior to selling it to Epic Media Group. Jon graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and lives with his family of five in Hillsborough, California.

Ken Wong

CPO & Founder

Ken has worked for 15+ years in building acclaimed BI tools across the data stack, including 5 years at Tableau leading the latest in ML, data modeling and advanced analytics. Building the most cutting-edge technology gave Ken a deep appreciation of what’s possible with BI tools, but talking with customers showed him a stark reality: Most customers simply can’t leverage their advanced tools to get the basic answers they want, and more tools won’t solve that problem, a problem which grows bigger and bigger by the day.

The two had a simple idea

What if we skipped the BI tooling and infrastructure investments and just gave SaaS companies the answers they needed to grow their revenue?

How we do it

Cutting-edge data science and infrastructure, in a box

  1. All your revenue data in one place
  2. Answers to critical revenue questions
  3. Insights to optimize the full funnel
  4. ML models made for SaaS
  5. Up and running in days