June Employee Highlight

Ramita Trangkanukulkij

Role:  Software Developer
Joined: March 2022
Home: Surrey, BC

What were you doing before joining Datajoy?

After graduating from Simon Fraser University as a mechatronic engineer, I started working as a software developer at SAP on SAP Analytics Cloud. In the beginning, I was mainly focused on frontend development in multiple features for data wrangling, which is the same area that Eric, Ray and André were building. Afterward, I had an opportunity to expand my knowledge working on backend areas and led the development of some end-to-end features.

What attracted you to Datajoy?

The opportunity to work with talented people. From a person with limited software development background, I had learned so much from working closely with Eric and getting great hands-on architecture experience with Ray and André. Joining Datajoy has allowed me to continue this learning journey.

What does your typical day-to-day look like?

I need to start my day with a nice cup of coffee. Depending on the day, I will sometimes take advantage of working remotely to do some exercise before settling down in front of the computer. I start my work by planning the tasks that I wish to complete on the day. Since I work closely with Eric who is 3 hours ahead of me, my mornings are the best time to have a sync up call for bouncing of ideas, discussing approaches, or clarifying any blockers. Once everything is clear, I will just put myself in focus mode and attempt to accomplish my daily goal.

What makes Datajoy special compared to other companies you worked at?

Company values. After having great conversations with Tommy and Ken before joining Datajoy, I learned that people here not only focused on building great quality products but also value trust and work/life balance. Although the company is 100% remote, I have not encountered any communication barriers and am able to easily align with other team members. 

Favorite thing to do outside of work?

I love attending fitness classes, especially cardio or HIIT in a hot environment. Besides exercising, I am also obsessed with coffee and different types of cuisine. During the weekend, you can find me strolling around Vancouver or nearby cities exploring new cafes and restaurants.

What is your superpower?

I would say “attention to detail”. Before jumping into implementation, I will always try to understand features and come up with all possible use cases. I often find that this quality not only helps me develop deep knowledge of products but also reduces surprise issues found after a product is released to customers.