Why Did We Start Datajoy?

Data and analytics initiatives are failing. Companies are spending less on BI. Technology is rapidly evolving, but becoming more out of reach for all but the largest companies.

And yet here in 2021, we’re announcing Datajoy, a cutting-edge data stack for SaaS revenue leaders that helps them use data to grow new and existing ARR.


We believe every SaaS company needs a cutting-edge data stack. A customizable but query-ready data warehouse. Purpose-built ML models to answer the key questions of every SaaS business leader. Ready to use within days and weeks.

The reality is that most companies today can’t afford such a stack, can’t staff it, and can’t wait the months and quarters needed to build it. Even those that can are likely to see their BI implementation fail.

The problem is not that companies aren’t data-driven. They are, but every department traditionally optimizes only for itself. Marketing focuses on hitting a certain number of leads. Customer Success focuses on a renewal number. This method is slow, creates data silos and erodes trust and culture, and the only cross-departmental solutions are expensive horizontal tools or bespoke implementations.

The problem is not capability. Analytics tools are packed more and more with the latest technologies. But building and running them is challenging and expensive and requires talent that is increasingly scarce.

The problem is not a lack of data. In fact, companies are collecting more data than ever. But data is still often entered manually. Making sense of it takes months, even quarters. Some of the biggest businesses struggle to get any meaningful insights from data they already have, even just to make a revenue projection going beyond the sales pipeline.

So what is the problem? We believe the problem is the focus on tooling and solutions itself. Most companies are simply ill-equipped to tackle this problem on their own. We know. We’ve built SaaS businesses ourselves. We had this exact problem, over and over.

In fact, that’s what led us to start Datajoy.

Datajoy helps SaaS revenue leaders find answers in their data by just giving them those answers and skipping the tooling altogether. We do this by focusing specifically on revenue intelligence. Although no two companies are identical, most SaaS businesses have revenue metrics, data sources, and integration problems that are strikingly similar.

Rather than have every company build a bespoke solution from the ground up, Datajoy is a bespoke solution for all SaaS companies: an engineering, data operations and data science team in a box, built for the whole revenue funnel.

This means a unified data stack, a clean single source of truth for all revenue-affecting departments.

This means the latest in ML technology for SaaS businesses of any size.

This means answers from data for revenue leaders, automated and updated in real time.

Datajoy is the cutting edge data stack that simply gives SaaS leaders the answers they need so they can stop focusing on building data infrastructure, and focus instead on what they do best: growing the business.