Bringing Joy to Our Customers

We’re fortunate to partner with industry-leading revenue and operations teams. Learn more about these game-changing companies and how Datajoy is supporting their revenue growth journey.

Over 16M developers have had their technical skills assessed with HackerRank, connecting them to over 2,600 companies seeking the best talent. With remote work and virtual interviews becoming the norm, HackerRank has seen explosive revenue growth. To keep up with the pace of growth, the Sales and Rev Ops teams turned to Datajoy for a scalable data platform and out-of-the-box dashboards and insights.

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What started as a conversation over brunch back in 2015, to their successful IPO in 2021, Samsara has been a pioneer for the Connected Operations Cloud. In just 6 short years, Samsara has hit $249.9M in revenue. To support their continued growth, the Rev Ops team has partnered with Datajoy to bring complete visibility into their pipeline and hidden revenue drivers.

From procurement to expense and supplier management, Coupa is the leader in Business Spend Management, having grown 39% YoY to $541.6M in FY2021 revenue. Over the past few years, the revenue and operations teams had built up an overabundance of Salesforce reports, losing sight of the key metrics that really drove the business. With Datajoy, the teams are now focused solely on the metrics that drive revenue.

Klaviyo’s marketing automation platform makes it easy for online businesses to store, access, analyze, and use transactional and behavioral data to power targeted customer and prospect communications. With over 265,000 customers and $678.5M+ in funding, Klaviyo is partnering with Datajoy to spot revenue-impacting warnings signals early in order to maintain their exponential growth.

Leaders from Fortune 100 companies to startups use Findem to turbocharge talent acquisition with AI. The team saw a 500% increase in customer growth in 2021, and 8x growth in top-line revenue. Having secured a $30M Series B in March 2022, Findem is investing in revenue analytics early to help them discover the underlying growth levers of their business to continue their explosive growth.