HackerRank Makes the Leap From Spreadsheets to Datajoy’s Full Stack Revenue Analytics

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As the business grew exponentially, the Sales and Operations teams were starting to burst at the seams. The business was being run off a “master spreadsheet” that contained all the key revenue metrics, historical snapshots of CRM data, and multiple tabs, pivots, and formulas. At the same time, individual teams were branching off their own versions to be able to play with the data to suit their specific needs.


  1. Clear visibility into projected revenue with 90%+ forecast accuracy
  2. Saving 10+ hours of manual work for every ad hoc analysis request
  3. Got up and running in under a month vs DIY data and BI implementation

Spreadsheets as a Revenue Source of Truth

As the business scaled, the Revenue Operations team was trying to keep pace with the operational and analytics demands, but spreadsheets were never built to be a centralized data store for revenue analytics.

The team spent hours every week on tedious, but critical data work, including snapshots of CRM data, joining different data sets, populating advanced formulas, and of course troubleshooting errors.

Hitting the limits of spreadsheets, HackerRank considered building their own data stack.

Fully Managed Revenue Data and Metrics Stack

With the urgent need for a modern data stack to support their analytics effort, HackerRank decided to go with Datajoy’s pre-built revenue data and metrics stack. Within weeks, HackerRank was up and running with data infrastructure that automatically ingests, transforms, and stores all of their historic CRM data in data marts built specifically for revenue analytics.
  • Saved several months and hundreds of thousands of dollars in implementation and maintenance costs
  • Eliminated 4+ hours of manual data work every week

Tucker Heiner

VP of Sales Operations
Datajoy has automated all the manual data work and provides us pre-built operational dashboards, saving our team 10-15 hours of manual management and analysis.

Forecasting Attainment Without Historical Comparisons

As GM of North America, Brad Bernstein is responsible for the entire revenue number, including net new and expansion bookings, as well as renewals. Being a data-driven leader, Brad branched off his own version of the business’ master spreadsheet to be able to do his own analysis.

Comparing how his team is performing against the prior year is key to knowing if they’re behind pace and need to focus on certain regions, or if they’re ahead, how to keep it up to overachieve. But with all the historical CRM data spread across different sheets and tabs, it was a struggle 
to pull and calculate the comparisons.

Data-Driven Forecasting and Operational Dashboards

Because their entire history of CRM data is stored in 
Datajoy’s managed data stack, Brad can now easily track and compare current bookings vs prior month, quarter, and year 
with out-of-the-box, operational dashboards. And with Datajoy’s ML-driven forecast engine, he now cross-checks the AE and Sales Manager roll-up forecast with a data-driven projection to help the team better pinpoint where they’ll finish.
  • 90%+ forecast accuracy going into a quarter
  • Ability to self-service key metrics without waiting on supporting analysts

Analyzing Pipe Coverage to Drive Attainment

Every week, Brad and his Sales leadership team run forecast calls to understand pipe coverage as well where deals are moving in the pipeline. With the business running off spreadsheets, Brad and team spent hours every week going through the numbers to properly prep for pipe reviews.

With over 150 active opportunities at any point in the quarter, it was nearly impossible for the team to properly track pipe movement — what’s pushed out, what’s been pulled in, even changes in deal sizes. But as Sales leaders know, this is crucial to hitting and exceeding targets.

Pipeline Management and Movement Insights

With Datajoy’s Pipeline Analysis experience, the team now 
has clear visibility into pipe coverage and can drill into pipe movement between any two points in time. Brad and his leadership team look at deal movement week over week, and drill into specific opportunities to understand what can be done to drive deals to close.
  • 4+ hours saved of weekly prep work for 1:1’s and forecast calls
  • Ability to create clear paths to attainment for every Sales rep and team

Brad Bernstein

GM North America
Head of Sales and Revenue
With over 150 deals in the pipeline every quarter, it became close to impossible managing and analyzing our pipe in spreadsheets. With Datajoy, I now have full visibility into my pipeline, how we’re pacing against the prior year, and where the pipe has moved week over week.

Discovering Revenue 
Impacting Warning Signs Early

Having to continually maintain the business’ master spreadsheets, it was tough for the Rev Ops team to spend enough time analyzing funnel trends to identify bottlenecks and catch signals in the numbers that indicate a potential revenue miss.

For example, the Commercial segment of their business is fairly run-rate, but it isn’t until after a bookings miss, that the team then looks up-funnel to analyze what caused the miss. At this point, it takes the team 10+ hours of manual data wrangling and analysis to discover the root cause, but the need for early warning alerts still remains.

Funnel Trends With 
Automated Insights & Alerts

With Datajoy’s Funnel Analysis experience, the team can now easily view key funnel metrics and trends, drilling into specific regions and teams. Proactive insights are surfaced in-context, alerting the team to anomalies in their funnel KPIs. In addition, the team can now set up email alerts for when specific metrics drop below a threshold, i.e. MQLs added in last 7 days below 35.
  • 10+ hours saved for any ad hoc analysis requests
  • Early warning alerts set up for top funnel metrics to ensure proper coverage