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Digitizing the Forecast Roll-Up Process Isn’t Enough

Predicting where you’ll land for the month or quarter is important, but more critical is understanding why and how you can make up any gaps to exceed your targets. Datajoy is a full funnel revenue analytics solution built for the fastest growing revenue teams.

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Predict Attainment and Know Why You Might Miss Or Exceed

Go beyond what’s in your Salesforce opp pipeline to better predict revenue, including MQL volume, Meetings set by SDRs, or AE prospecting activity

Datajoy surfaces insights into the key drivers on why you may miss or exceed targets, providing a guided experience to drill into the metrics

Track bookings pace against historicals and view your data the way you want – by geo, sales teams, product lines


Dive Into Your Pipeline to Ensure Proper Coverage

View and analyze pipeline movement between any two points in time, easily drilling down into categories like pipe pushed, or specific opportunities

Identify and quantify pipeline generated and required by your different sources, including AE, SDR/BDR, Marketing, and Partners

Catch any anomalies in your funnel data early, such as MQL volume dropping below historical range, so you adjust investments immediately


Changes in Sales Stages? Projections Adapt in Real-Time

You’re constantly tweaking and updating the sales process (and Salesforce stages). You can’t wait weeks and months for 
a predictive forecasting algorithm to “normalize”.

With Datajoy, your revenue projections update in the matter of hours, not months. Our sophisticated data infrastructure, built specifically for revenue data, automatically rebuilds historical data snapshots and re-trains the projection model in real-time.

Get Full Funnel Revenue Analytics With a Scalable Data Infrastructure

Predicting sales attainment is just a piece of the revenue puzzle. It also requires an understanding of pipe drivers, funnel conversion metrics, churn likelihood… the list goes on. True revenue analytics requires a scalable data infrastructure.

With Datajoy, we provide all the following so you can focus on revenue analysis and execution:

  • Data pipelining
  • Transformation
  • Data modelling
  • Data warehousing
  • ML training and operations
  • Data operations and monitoring
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Like most ops teams, we spent an inordinate amount of time pulling, aggregating, and validating data manually, leaving little time to truly dive into the data to identify revenue-driving programs. Datajoy has automated much of this manual data work and provides us with the analytics and infrastructure we need to uncover the issues and opportunities in our revenue funnel.

Tucker Heiner, Sr. Director Sales Operations