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Automate the
Sales Forecasting Process and Easily Analyze Pipeline

Datajoy’s ML-driven forecast projections accurately predict where you’ll land against revenue targets. Track how you’re pacing against historicals, and inspect your pipeline to uncover hidden insights so you can overachieve every month and quarter.

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Predict Sales Revenue Accurately So You Can Adjust Immediately

Accurately predict where you’ll end the month or quarter with Datajoy’s ML-driven forecasting engine that continually learns from your data

See how bookings are pacing in the month or quarter compared to historical sales performance, and drill into different regions and teams

Get insights into a projected target miss or exceed, and explore the different revenue drivers to understand why


Analyze Your Sales Pipeline to Ensure 
Proper Coverage

Analyze pipeline changes for any time period and easily drill down into specific opportunities

Quantify required pipe gen by source, whether it’s AE, SDR/BDR, Marketing, or even Partners

Inspect your pipeline to see what can be pulled in to make your month or quarter


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Go Beyond Your Forecast and Pipeline to
Analyze and Drive Revenue Growth

Forecasting where you’ll land for the month or quarter is just a piece of the revenue puzzle. Most important is understanding why you may come up short or exceed, and how to make up any gaps. Datajoy is an all-in-one revenue analytics platform.


Optimize the Lead to Close to Expansion Funnel

Determine your ideal customer segment, optimize your GTM process to maximize win rate and identify root causes to anomalies using data.


Forecast Revenue Accurately, Adjust Immediately

Accurately predict where you’ll finish with 
ML-driven projections and insights. Dive into your data to uncover the reasons why you might miss, and how to course correct.


Create Clarity on the Activity Required to Beat Plan

Quantify required pipeline generation by rep or marketing channel to exceed plan. Identify trends to prioritize investment and GTM programs.

Plug and play

Leave the Data Infrastructure and Data Operations to Us

Focus on analyzing and planning, not wrangling data and building technology. Datajoy manages your infrastructure so you don’t 
have to worry about the details.