Focus Your Time On Revenue Analysis, Not Data Management

Datajoy’s fully managed data stack automates all your manual data snapshotting, wrangling, and modeling. And with a centralized Metrics Catalog, every team can finally operate off the same numbers.

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Get Up and Running in Under a Week With a Modern Data and Metrics Stack

Automate Manual Data Management

Say goodbye to tedious, but critical tasks like daily CRM snapshotting, spreadsheet consolidation, and vlookups and pivots

Create a Single Source of Metrics Truth

Bring every team together with a centralized, accessible catalog of predefined and customizable metrics

Connect Your Existing 
Analysis Tools

Drive consistency across the business by powering all your existing analysis tools with a single source of metrics

Tucker Heiner

Sr. Director Sales Operations
Datajoy has automated all the manual data work and provides us pre-built operational dashboards, saving our team 10-15 hours of manual data management and analysis.

Best-in-Class Data and Metrics Infrastructure for Revenue Analytics

We take care of ELT, data warehousing, and the complex transformations that turn data into analyzable revenue metrics. And with a customizable Metrics Catalog, every team can now access and analyze the KPIs that matter most to your business.

Say Goodbye to Manual Data Snapshots, Joins, and Pivots

Datajoy automatically snapshots your CRM and other revenue systems data on a daily basis

Data is transformed and stored in data marts built specifically for any type of revenue analysis

Metrics you track and calculate automatically update with any changes in CRM stages or revenue processes

Centralize Your Revenue Metrics and Definitions Across the Business

Start with 200+ predefined, best practice metrics, sourced from industry-leading revenue teams at Samsara, Coupa, and more

Easily edit metrics like bookings, pipeline, and win rate to match your specific definitions and revenue motion

Create your own metrics like contra revenue or calculated metrics like free trial to paying user conversion

Power All Analysis Tools With a Single Source of Metrics

Connect your BI tools and AI/ML notebooks to Datajoy’s Metrics Catalog to ensure every team is analyzing the same set of numbers

Pull single metrics or entire data tables into your spreadsheets for analysis with Datajoy’s Spreadsheet Connector

Learn more about Datajoy’s out-of-the-box performance dashboards and analytics

Built From the Ground Up With Security In Mind

From day 1, we’ve focused on building a secure data infrastructure and application to house your most important business data. We are currently SOC 2 Type 1 certified, and actively working towards SOC 2 Type 2 certification. Our platform and application go through rigorous penetration testing from Mirai Security, receiving high marks for security.

We Take Care of Your Data Stack, So You Can Focus on Revenue Growth

Learn more about our out-of-the-box, best practice metrics, dashboards, and insights.

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