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Datajoy provides a fully managed data infrastructure and analytics solution to optimize revenue growth in weeks. Automate data aggregation, avoid costly maintenance, leverage best practices, and get faster insights the same way the largest and fastest growing companies do.

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Customer journey

Optimize the Entire Customer Journey

Unify data from Marketing to Customer Success to optimize for company goals, not departmental ones

Identify customer segments with the highest deal values and win rates to focus your resources on

Optimize win rate by creating a test and measurement culture for process improvements

Identify anomalies and determine root cause to immediately course correct

Data stack

Let Datajoy Manage the Data and Tech Stack

Datajoy provides the technologies to automate insights, validate data quality, and produce reports including:

  • Data pipelining
  • Transformation
  • Data modelling
  • Data warehousing
  • ML training and operations
  • Data operations and monitoring

Datajoy can integrate with your existing BI infrastructure and connects with leading platforms like Salesforce


Ensure Consistent Reporting and Analyses

The metrics catalog defines all metrics and transforms so your team is working off the same numbers and data

Update definitions in one place and propagate changes to your entire report library instantly

Publish new database schemas to support new analyses and definitions, with no coding involved

Increase accuracy and speed of data teams with a curated data set for ML model development

Predict Revenue Accurately

Gut check your sales roll-up forecast with custom-fit ML models to forecast within any dimension

Understand the drivers of historical and projected under or over performance

Quantify required pipeline generation by rep, segment, and more to exceed the plan

Hit plan

Give Clear Guidance to Reps on How to Hit Plan

Track pipeline coverage and know where and why you’re short

Analyze pipeline changes for any period or dimension and easily drill down into opportunities

Identify trends in pipeline movement to identify sales enablement and training opportunities


Replicate Your Best Sales Reps

Identify behaviors and KPIs that make the best reps successful

Compare reps across any dimension to understand the activities required to win consistently

Create a repeatable and scalable go to market motion by standardizing the sales motion