Optimize Every Stage of Your GTM Funnel to Accelerate Growth

Visualize and analyze your entire GTM funnel, from lead to opportunity, to closed-won and renewal or expansion.

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Know Where to Focus Your Time and Budget

Full Funnel Metrics & Analysis

Track every funnel metric over time and uncover trends

Revenue Drivers & Ideal Segments

Identify key revenue drivers and best segments to target

Automated Insights & Alerts

Real-time alerts flag anomalies and the underlying reasons why

Custom Funnel Metrics & Calculations

Custom define metrics to model your unique funnel

Discover Gaps in Your Funnel to Better Focus Time and Resources

See all your key funnel metrics in one place including stage-to-stage volume, conversion rates, and velocity

Analyze your funnel metrics over time to identify seasonal swings and anomalies that fall out of historical range

Automated insights alert you to anomalies like MQL volume for EMEA below historical range

Know Your Key Revenue Drivers and Best Target Segments

Identify target segments with the highest win rate or fastest to close using key attributes like industry, employee size, or tech stack

Discover key revenue drivers, such as open pipe coverage of 2.6x going into quarter or 50-75 demos delivered in quarter

Test your own hypotheses for key drivers, choosing specific attributes and teams, regions, or segments of your business

Identify Anomalies Early With Automated Insights and Alerts

Automated insights flag anomalies in real-time, with the ability to drill into potential reasons why a metric fell out of historic range

Create custom email alerts for any critical metric and team, such as MQL to SQL conversion rate 23% below range

Model and Analyze Any Funnel Metric Over Time

Have all key funnel metrics like MQL/SQL/SQO volume or conversion rates by stage at your fingertips with a predefined metrics library

Easily add custom defined metrics you want to track, like free trial to paying customer conversion rate

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Want to Know How You're Performing Against Revenue Targets?

Check out our sales forecasting and pipeline management capabilities.

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