Tap Into the Best Practice Analytics of High Growth Revenue Teams

From data-driven forecasting and pipeline insights, to full funnel analytics and rep performance management, analyze any aspect of your go-to-market motion with Datajoy’s full stack revenue analytics solution.

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Sales Forecasting & Pipeline Management

Cross-check your AE roll-up forecast with data-driven projections, and uncover the underlying drivers for any gaps in pipe coverage

Full Funnel Analysis & Insights

Optimize your entire funnel by tracking metrics like MQL and SQL volume, stage-to-stage conversion rates, and overall deal velocity

Rep Performance Management

Know how every rep is performing against quota and pipe gen targets, creating best practice playbooks for running deals

Power Any Type of Analysis

Go beyond Datajoy’s 
out-of-the-box analytics, connecting your spreadsheets, BI tools, or ML notebooks to a centralized source of metrics

Accurately Forecast Revenue and Pipeline to Exceed Targets

Pinpoint your projected monthly or quarterly finish with 90%+ forecast accuracy using Datajoy’s ML-driven forecast engine

Analyze pipeline gaps and movement between any two points in time to create a clear path to target

Know where to focus with insights into why you’re forecasted to miss target or where you’re behind in pipe coverage

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Optimize Your Entire Lead to Renewal and Expansion Funnel

Track every key funnel metric over time to identify and solve any bottlenecks in your revenue motion

Understand which firmographic attributes or sales behaviors actually drive revenue, creating playbooks to go after ideal customer segments

Real-time alerts flag anomalies in your funnel metrics to uncover potential issues, such as MQLs added below historic range

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Create Sales Playbooks Based Off Your Best Performing Reps

Track how every rep is performing against pace and attainment, coaching and supporting those behind target

Compare reps across different performance metrics, creating a best practice playbook for onboarding and running deals

Uncover hidden insights by looking at performance trends over time, like who best manages pipe and who might be sandbaggers

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Run Any Type of Analyses With a Single Source of Metrics

Ensure every team operates off a single source of truth for all revenue data, performance metrics, and KPI definitions

Power your BI dashboards and AI/ML notebooks with the same metrics and calculations used across the entire business

Pull single metrics or entire data tables into your spreadsheets for analysis with Datajoy’s Spreadsheet Connector

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Ready to Spend Your Time on Revenue Analysis Instead of Data Management?

Learn more about powering all your analytics needs with a modern data and metrics stack built specifically for revenue analytics.

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