Replicate What Your Best Reps Do to Win

Analyze what your best reps are doing to overachieve. Standardize those best practices to create a repeatable and successful sales process.

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Create a Repeatable, Winning Sales Process

Track Rep 
Performance Metrics

See how every rep is performing against pace and attainment

Compare Reps Across Dimensions

Compare rep behavior and performance to replicate the best

Analyze Trends Over Time

Inspect performance trends to spot successful or unusual behaviors

Know Where Reps Stand and Support Those Behind Target

Track how different teams and reps are pacing towards target and where they stand against goals

Easily identify those behind pace to provide additional support and guidance

Analyze Rep Performance and Replicate the Best

Compare reps across any performance metric – pipe generated, demos delivered, time between sales stages

Create a repeatable and successful sales process based off how your best reps run deals

Uncover Trends to Create a Repeatable Sales Process

Identify and correct unusual behavior like late quarter spikes in pipe created-closed or skipped deal stages

Track ramp time to first closed deal or quota attainment to constantly improve onboarding and training

Want to Track How the Business is Pacing Against Historical Performance?

Check out our sales forecasting and pipeline management capabilities.

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