Predict Attainment and Identify the Path to Overachieve

Take a data-driven approach to forecasting monthly, quarterly, and annual attainment. And get insights into your pipeline to make up any gaps, so you can hit your accelerators.

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Insights You Need to Beat Targets

Data-Driven Revenue Forecasting

Plan early with 90%+ forecast accuracy going into the month or quarter

Pipeline Movement & Inspection

Analyze pipeline gaps and movement to create a clear path to target

Automated Insights & Alerts

Real-time alerts help you solve issues before they become real issues

Tailored For Your Business

Custom define metrics and dashboard views to fit your unique needs

Track Bookings vs Pace to Make Up Any Gaps

Instantly view key revenue metrics like current bookings, % of goal, and pace against last quarter or year

Automated insights alert you to specific regions, teams, or segments that are tracking behind and likely to miss

Easily drill into insights to uncover which teams need additional support to overachieve against targets

Cross Check AE-Driven Forecasts With Data-Driven Forecasts

Have 90%+ forecast accuracy with Datajoy’s ML forecast engine that continually adjusts and improves with data

Understand why you’re forecasted to miss or exceed with proactive insights and guided drill downs into the data

Changes in CRM sales stage or process updates the ML model and projections in real-time vs months of “normalization”

Drill Into Your Pipeline to Ensure a Path to Target

See your pipe coverage vs historicals by any dimensions and cuts — region, segment, or pipe stage, filtered down by team

Pipeline insights highlight potential blockers that may prevent you from reaching target, i.e. not enough late stage pipe

Easily drill into the data for more details including the opportunities that make up the different pipe stage numbers

Explore Pipe Movement to See What Can Pull In

Analyze pipeline changes between any two points in time, filtering by any dimension including region, segment, or team

Drill into specific movement categories and opportunities to pull in or expand deals to make your month or quarter

Identify Potential Issues Early With Automated Insights and Alerts

System-driven insights automatically identifies gaps in your forecast and pipe coverage along with the reasons why

Create custom email alerts for any critical business metric, such as Late stage pipeline for AMER-CMRCL behind pace by 22%

Customize Metrics and Filtered Views to Fit Your Business

Custom define metrics like Bookings, Pipeline, or ARR according to your specific and unique definitions

Drag and drop attributes like Segment or Bookings Type as filters to view your forecast, pipeline, and funnel the way you like

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Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management Are Just Two Pieces of the Revenue Puzzle...

Want to dig deeper into how your full funnel is performing? Check out our funnel analytics capabilities.

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